fellowships and Awards

Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS):

A Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS) fellowship is available from the European Union Center and other area studies centers, such as the Russian East European and Eurasian Center (REEEC) Center for Global Studies, etc. at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for students wishing to study Modern Greek. Incoming and current undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. U.S. nationality or permanent residence is required. Graduate students may receive full tuition fee waiver and a stipend of $15,000 over an academic year (eligibility for tuition waiver varies by home department and school). Undergraduate students receive $10,000 for tuition fees and $5,000 stipend. Application deadline is in February of every year. For more information, please see the FLAS fellowship website.

  • Jordan Schmitt (AY 2014-15)
  • Lindsay Ozburn (AY 2014-15)
  • Hephestion Bolaris (undergraduate, EUC) (AY 2012-13)
  • Michelle Asbill (graduate, EUC) (AY 2012-13)
  • Jenna Tsarpalas (undergraduate, EUC) (AY 2010-11)

The Houston and Papadimitriou Greek Culture Awards:

Established in 2009 by Dennis Houston (UIUC Alum in Chemical Engineering, 1974) and his wife, Cathy Houston (Alumna of Louisiana State University), the Houston and Papadimitriou Greek Culture Awards are awarded to undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who have a demonstrated interest in and who are taking elective courses to learn about Greek culture, language or history. To familiarize yourself with the award guidelines and submit an application, please click here. For more information about the award guidelines and application procedures please contact Amanda Purnell.

houston awardsmgs

  • Derick Fong (2016)
  • Sarah Allen (2016)
  • Agilda Dema (2016)
  • Benjamin Samuel (2016)
  • Dajia Ye (2016)
  • John Giletto (2016)
  • George Mastorakos (2015)
  • Themio Christy (2015)
  • Anna Hunt (2015)
  • Jeannette Cullum (2015)
  • Hephestion Bolaris (2014)
  • Elizabeth Vlahos (2012-2013)
  • Emily Kolyvas (2012-2013)
  • Jenna Tsarpalas (2009-2010, 2010-2011)
  • Christina V. Dracopoulos (2009-2010)
  • Katerina Georgiafentis (2009-2010)
  • Eunhae Lee (2009-2010)

Modern Greek Studies Houston-Papadimitriou Awards Ceremony, Urbana, May 2010