Fall 2015

Elementary Modern Greek I (GRKM 201)

Intermediate Modern Greek I (GRKM 403)

Advanced Modern Greek I (GRKM 453)

Elementary Greek I (GRK 101/RLST 200)

Classical and Koine Greek I (GRK 201/RLST 200)

Greek Prose and Composition (GRK 411)

Partnership in Crisis? Greece and the European Union (SLCL 200/GRKM 199)

Vocabulary Building: Greek and Latin Roots (CLCV 100)

Medical Terms: Greek and Latin Roots (CLCV 102)

Mythology of Greece and Rome (CLCV 111)

Mythology of Greece and Rome (CLCV 115)

Introduction to Greek Culture (CLCV 114)

Classical Archaeology, Greece (CLCV 131)

Ancient Greek and Roman Religion (CLCV 160)

Ancient Philosophy (CLCV 203)

Topics in Classical Literature: Fantastic Narratives of Greece and Rome (CLCV 220)

History of Ancient Greece (CLCV 220)

Development of Ancient Cities (CLCV231/ARTH217)

Sex and Gender in Antiquity (CLCV 240/CWL 262)

Ancient Egyptian and Greek Architecture (CLCV 410/ARCH 410)

Classical Political Theory (PS 371)

Western Civilization to 1660 (HIST 141)

Eurasia: Societies and Cultures in Southeastern Europe, Anatolia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, 16th-20th Century (HIST 396)

Byzantine Europe AD 284-717 (HIST 443/MDVL 443)

Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean (SLCL 200)

Government and Politics in Western Europe (PS 348)

Politics of the European Union (PS 385/EURO385/FR 385/GER 385)

Muslim-Christian Interactions (RLST 482)