The Modern Greek Studies program
at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
in collaboration with the FilmHellenes


1st Champaign Greek Film Festival


All films in Greek with English subtitles

March 2-3, 2012
The Art Theater
126 W Church St., Champaign, IL 61820-3511

2012 Selected Films:
The Guardian's Son
Plato's Academy
The Silent School
The Guide
Withouth Borders
Gold Dust

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Film Schedule

The Guardian's Son
FRI March 2, 7:00

guardians sonGreece, 2006, 98 min
Director: Dimitris Koutsiabasakos
Language: Greek with English subtitles

A young aspiring TV 'reporter' discovers his roots in a mountain village of Greece and connects with the history and the kind of
simple people he used to despise. A coming of age journey filmed with an evident deep respect for the abandoned villages of Greece. The dilemma between modern life and rural values in a noble, character-driven drama given with a hind of humor even in its
most serious moments.

Audience Award
Best Director's Debut
2nd Best Fiction Award - Greece's 2006 State Film Awards
Special Jury Award - Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

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Plato's Academy
FRI March 2, 9:15

platos academyGreece/Germany, 2009, 103 min
Director: Philippos Tsitos
Language: Greek with English subtitles

A middle-aged kiosk owner, suffering from xenophobia, finds out that an Albanian laborer from the neighborhood is his brother.

Silver Leopard for Best Actor to Antonis Kafetzopoulos - Locarno International Film Festival
Youth Award, Universal Award - Locarno International Film Festival
LUX European Parliament Prize, 2010

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The Silent School

SAT March 3, 2:00

silent schoolGreece, 2010, 48 min
Director: Irini Sarioglou, Marina Leontari
Language: Greek with English subtitles

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the graduation of His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, from Halki Seminary, the Hellenic History Foundation with Greek and Turkish historians undertook the realization of a documentary on the history of Halki's Theological School. By tracing the historical background of the School through the accounts of its graduates and academic staff, we were taken on a journey through the islands of Kalymnos, Thessaloniki, Athens, Istanbul and Heybeliada (Halki).


The Guide

SAT March 3, 3:00

the guideGreece, 2011, 94 min
Director: Zacharias Mavroeidis
Language: Greek with English subtitles

A charming tale of an earnest Greek architectural guide attempting to lead a group of fun-minded European students on a tour of Athens, even as he comes to terms with his own identity.

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Without Borders
SAT March 3, 5:00

platos academyGreece, 2010, 92 min
Director: Nick Gaitatjis
Language: Greek with English subtitles

Thanasis, a good-hearted cotton candy vendor from Athens, has been caring for little Melissa since she was a baby when her mother, an immigrant prostitute, thought it best to leave the girl behind while seeking fortune in America. Her unexpected appearance five years late has traumatic consequences when she takes her child away from Thanasis and leaves. Thanasis, suddenly alone, misses the child who was like a daughter to him and a comfort in his old age. Thanasis decides to travel to America in of seeing her again. He does not have a visa. He does not speak English. He does not have much money. he does not know how to drive a car, and he has never been on an airplane. But he does have a distant cousin, Plato, a professional gambler, living in Las Vegas, who has offered to help him cross the border. A road movie begins as the two disparate cousins from Greece embark on a cross-country adventure to win the smile of a littler girl.

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Gold Dust
SAT March 3, 7:00

gold dustGreece, 2009, 85 min
Director: Margarita Manda
Language: Greek with English subtitles

An intense family drama about three estranged siblings at odds over what to do with the home of their deceased mother, a story told with great psychological precision and tremendous emotional impact.

Audience Award - Panorama of European Cinema, Athens, 2009
Best Supporting Actress Anna Mascha - Hellenic Film Academy, 2010
Best Fiction Film - International Film Festival of Patras, 2010

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SAT March 3, 9:00

attenbergGreece, 2010, 95 min
Director: Athina Rachel Tsangari
Language: Greek with English subtitles

  As an architect stuffering from cancer prepares for his impending    death, his daughter, Marina, attempts an awkward flight into adulthood. Emotionally stilted at 23, Marina seeks the counsel of her best friend--the promiscuous and instructive Bella--who bluntly guides her through the clumsy physicality of sex. Marina, who prefers to watch the mating rituals of animals on David Attenborough documentaries than to experience them herself, wades through uncomfortable territory for the first time. We glimpse her terse experiments, her fumbles and frank inquiries as she tries to figure out how these things called relationships work. All the while, she shuttles her father to and from the hospital, witnessing his own body deflate. The daily machinations of Marina and Bella unfold against the backdrop of a crumbling mill town wrought firmly in the industrial imagination. Once conceived to be a paradise of production, the town is now a hollow landscape of steel skeletons, deserted construction sites and crumbling "60s mod homes"--a decrepit utopia that Marina's father helped to create. But things still emerge in the wasteland.

67th Venice International Film Festival, 2010
Coppa Volpi Award for Best Actress
Lina Mangiacapre Award: Athina Tsangari
LUX European Parliament Prize, 2011
Official Selection Sundance

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