Dr. Stefanos Katsikas

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Antony Augoustakis (Classics)
Dr. Donna A. Buchanan (Music)
Dr. Keith Hitchins (History)
Dr. Kostas Kourtikakis (Political Science)
Dr. Jon Solomon (Classics)
Dr. Marina Terkourafi (Linguistics)
Dr. Maria Todorova (History)
Dr. Angeliki Tzanetou (Classics)

Program's Advisory Board

PRESIDENT: Dr. William Cope (Education)
VICE PRESIDENT: Mr. Konstantinos Yfantis (CITES)


Dr. Kathryn Anthony (Architecture):
Dr. William Cope (Education)
Dr. Angela Glaros (UIUC alumnus)
Dr. Mary Kalantzis (Education, Dean)
Dr. Hellen McDonald (School of Social Work)
Dr. Antonios Michalos (HCESC)
Mr. Anthony Pomonis (owner of C-U Merry-Anns Dinner, Inc.)
Mr. George Reveliotis (UIUC alumnus, Attorney at Law, Chicago, President of the Panarcadian Federation of America)
Ms. Sofia George Sianis (Dept. of Urban & Regional Planning)
Mrs. Claire Skaperdas (Spurlock Museum, member)
Mr. Konstantinos Yfantis (CITES)
Dr. Steve Zahos (Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UIUC)