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Dr. Marina Terkourafi (Co-Director of Modern Greek Studies) -Houston Papadimitriou Awards (March 2011)Angeliki Tzanetou (co-Director of Modern Greek Studies) Houston-Papadimitriou Awards Ceremony March 2011Christina Dracopoulos receives Houston Papadimitriou Award from LAS Dean Ruth Watkins (March 2011)Dean Ruth Watkins with Houston-Papadimitriou Awards Recipients (March 2011)Dr. Marina Terkourafi (co-Director of Modern Greek Studies) Presents the program's activities (March 2011)Dr. Neni Panourgia on behalf of the Modern Greek Studies Association (Houston-Papadimitriou Awards) March 2011Education Professor Dr. Bill Cope (Houston-Papadimitriou Awards September 2011)Houston Papadimitriou Awards Receipients (March 2011)Houston Papadimitriou Guests (March 2011)Houston Papadimitriou Award Recipients (September 2011)Iason Athanasiades Lecture (February 2011)Iason Athanasiades Lecturing (February 2011)Iason Athanasiades lecture (February 2011)Iason Athanasiades Lecture (February 2011)Iason Athanasiadis' lecture (February 2011)Iason Athanasidis' lecture (February 2011)Iasonas Athanasiades lecture (February 2011)Iasonas Athanasiadis' lecture (February 2011)Jenna Tsarpalas receiving her Houston-Papadimitriou Award (September 2011)Katerian Georgiafentis receives her Houston-Papadimitriou Award (March 2011)Katerina Georgiafentis with friends at the reception after Houston-Papadimitriou Awards (March 2011)Konstantinos Papadakis' music performance March 2011Konstantinos Yfantis introducing Iasonas Athanasiadis (February 2011)Book Exhibition (November 2011)Dean Ruth Watkins chats with Jenna Tsarpalas chats (Houston-Papadimitriou Award recipient March 2011)Dean Ruth Watkins is chating with Kostantinos Yfantis and Kathryn Anthony (Houston-Papadimitriou Awards March 2011)LAS Development Retreat (February 2012)LAS Office Modern Greek Studies Program Retreat (February 2012)LAS Office (Modern Greek Studies Development Retreat February 2012)Modern Greek Studies Co-directors (Dr. Marina Terkourafi, Linguistics and Dr. Angeliki Tzanetou, Classics) - Houston Papadimitriou Awards (March 2011)Nikos Vergis announcing Houston-Papadimitriou Award recipients (September 2011)Dr. Marina Terkourafi (Linguistics, Modern Greek Studies Program Director) (Houston-Papadimitriou Awards March 2011)Reading Biography of Odysseas Elytis (November 2011)Students read Odysseas Elytis' biography (November 2011)Reading Biography of Elytis (November 2011)Reading Biography of Elytis (November 2011)Reading Biography of Elytis (November 2011)Reading Biography of Elytis (November 2011)Reading Biography of Elytis (November 2011)The Modern Greek Studies Team with LAS Dean Ruth Watkins (Houston-Papadimitriou Awards Ceremony March 2011)